The Orville is damaged by a spatial anomaly causing harrowing effects to all living things. Not sure if we are talking specifically aboard the Orville or a more general imperilling of living things everywhere.

The preview of tonight’s episode opens with Kelly asking Gordon and Lamarr whether they ever stopped to consider if what they were doing was stupid. Their answer is of course a resounding no. This made me think that the “Bridge Bros.” were somehow responsible for the ship’s current situation. They have a habit of really stepping in it.

But first impressions can be deceiving, like Lt. Lamarr himself. The synopsis went on to say that John might be smarter than he lets on. Of course, we could be grading on a curve here.


Still, Kelly pushes Ed to consider him (Lamarr) for a key leadership position on the ship, after it’s run-in with the anomaly. Really??? Is one of those new dimensions referenced in the title of the episode a dimension of bad decisions? Can they really trust Lamarr in a leadership position after how he put the entire “away team” at risk in Majority Rule (S1 Ep7)?