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The Orville (S2 Ep8) “Identity Part 1” Spoilerific Reaction Thread

Fox is being cagey again. There was no synopsis for this week’s episode and the promo is ambiguous at best...

Thankfully someone in the publicity department didn’t appear to get the memo. The (27) promotion stills give the impression that at least the first half of this two part episode will focus on Isaac.


“”Dammit John I’m a Doctor, not a cybernetic specialist.”

Ok that’s not really what Claire is saying (but it should be), though it does appear that something is wrong with Isaac. The rest of the promo photos (click on the link below) show what may be a party thrown in Isaac’s honor and what could be a visit to the Kaylon home world or at least a planet they control. Definitely can’t wait for 9pm.  


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