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Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (Rosamund Pike) made a pitstop in the world of wacky races in this morning’s episode of Thunderbirs Are Go. Titled Rally Raid, this installment (Season 3, Episode 7), dedicated to the memory of Sylvia Anderson, saw Penny recruit racing driver Jensen Hunt (Ben Bailey Smith) to drive FAB1 through the desert in memory of her Great Aunt Sylvia. Sherbet and Parker (David Graham) come along for the ride as well.


Naturally, The Chaos Crew, Havoc and Fuse, are also in the area to steal a super new computer unit from another car in the race. This deadly duo are henchmen of The Hood, kind of fun but they seem to have been borrowed from every other animated CGI show.

We get car chases, explosions, a train chase, snatch and grabs and a lesson in humility and what really matters for Driver Hunt.

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