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The Pie Minister Is My Favorite New Supervillain

Listeners of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast may be familiar with the convivial presence of Buddy Valastro, the clairvoyant "Cake Boss" portrayed by the great Paul F. Tompkins. (Not to be confused with the actual, probably non-magical Cake Boss of TLC/jail fame.) But if you were tuning in last week, you would have encountered an entirely new dessert-related character voiced by Tompkins, the sinister and terrifying Barnaby Velastrok, the raspy-voiced (indeed, Palpatine-esque) Minister of Pies and Buddy's "dear friend."

Having eaten a great deal of pie over the holiday weekend, I can attest to two things: Pie, while delicious, is probably evil, and Tompkins is hilarious. (Pie Minister is an elected office, if you were wondering.) He turns up around 44:00, but before that there's a pretty cool interview with Tears For Fears' Roland Orbazal and Curt Smith, who also participate in the discussion, including such topics as whether or not pies can have meat in them, awful British dialects, erotic pies, the abomination of cheesecake, the expression "humble pie," the pronunciation of the title of the movie Ghost, whether aliens seek to conquer us for our pies, and the definition of "Umami." Reggie Watts is also on hand.


Also, random Dalek voices.

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