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The pieces are falling into place on Haven

This episode was getting the pieces in place for next week's mid season finale. Secrets are revealed and a plan turns out to be sheer elegance in its draconian complexity (maybe three people will get that). Spoilers ahead.

No Trouble of the Week this time. It's all about the arc and connecting various characters together.


"Have you figured it out yet, Duke?"

To the surprise of no one except Duke it turns out Mara has been manipulating and lying to him since before Audrey was split off. How much she was lying depends on your point of view though. Mara did say she wanted to fix Duke, she just didn't define what she meant by fix. But at least I got an answer about Mara's orange toenails.

It's not clear exactly what's happened to Duke. He can transfer a Trouble to a new, unTroubled person and has black tears (Aether, maybe?).


Mara's plan is coming together but there's another player on the board now because...

"It's my job to save her life."


The other big reveal is when Charlotte Cross (or more accurately the woman claiming to be her) tells Audrey she is her mother. By which I'm assuming that means she's Mara's mother.

Charlotte must go to the same false identity shop that Agent Howard used for himself and the various personas like Audrey. Like the other identities, hers is based on a real person since there must have been a real Charlotte Cross to check DNA against and for Dwight to find when he did his background check (though apparently no one looked for a photo of Charlotte Cross).

Something was bugging me when I first watched the scenes of Charlotte and Audrey together. Rewatching now things fit better seeing Charlotte as a concerned parent.


Assorted thoughts:

  • Was Charlotte instrumental in putting Mara in the Barn in the first place or was she opposed? What is her connection to Agent Howard, if any?
  • Does she have the same view of the personas (Audrey, Lucy and the rest) as Mara? Will she choose Mara over Audrey? Her reaction to finding out Audrey is split from Mara could be read either way.
  • Charlotte shares Mara's Trouble immunity since Nathan can feel her but does she also have the same weakness to Duke's ability? Will that come into play next week?
  • Audrey examines her reflection a few times in this episode. What is the significance of that?
  • How many ways can that console display in Charlotte's Prius be worked into the show?

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