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I have been watching Person of Interest, catching up on a show I had originally dismissed but now have grown to like. When I first saw the episode where Carrie Preston appears as Grace, Finch's ex who doesn't know he's still alive, I was struck by how much she resembles Felicia Day.

I had a look online to see if they had ever worked together, maybe as older/younger versions of the same character, or as sisters, but that hasn't happened. I did find mention of a few other people wondering if they were related.


So I went onto Twitter and asked Felicia if she had ever met Carrie.

And was surprised and thrilled to get this response:


That was so cool I left it at that, feeling a bit warm inside just to get a reply. I am a sucker for getting RTs or responses on Twitter. It's better than an autograph or photo, in my mind.

Today, though, this happened.



No loop in the space-time continuum appears to have occurred. Though if anyone would be able to do something about that, it might be Carrie's husband, Michael Emerson.

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