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The Powers TV series will be coming to PSN this December

Update: Now with video!

Brian Michael Bendis just walked onstage at E3 to talk about the Powers TV show, and show some concept art. The first episode will be free to anyone with PSN (read: anyone who owns a PS3, PS4, or Vita), and the rest of the season will be available to those with Playstation Plus. It'll be hitting PSN this December.


I think Netflix-style original programming is a really weird thing for Sony to be getting into, especially through PSN (I wonder if it'll be available through some sort of web client for those without Playstations?), but I'm pretty excited for the show.

It's all about the games, you guys.

Update: Hey, look, someone finally uploaded the video to YouTube. It mostly features BMB describing what exactly Powers is, before dropping some names working on the project, including people who have worked on both Walking Dead and Falling Skies. More information should be coming over summer.

This video does appear to have cut out the part where the guy leading the Sony press conference came back on stage to announce the December release. I'll see if I can find a full video soon.

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