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The Pull List- 10/8/2015

Happy day after new comics day! All New All Different Marvel is here, and Secret Wars is still going strong!

There are no real big comic book controversies that I’ve seen this past couple of weeks. That’s fascinating by itself, isn’t it?


NYCC this week. I’d be willing to guess that Marvel is going to announce the remaining few ANAD titles that we’re unaware of. DC is going to pull back some of the more radical DCYou changes (I’m guessing Superman, GL, and Wonder Woman will all go back to more traditional looks, and the former two will go back to their classic status quos).

Also, I’ll get into this more tomorrow, but HOLY FREAKING CRAP IMAGE. There is some AMAZING Image books on sale digitally right now- on Play, Comixology, AND Kindle. I’m sure they’re on iBooks too. I’ve already picked up the second arc of The Wicked + The Divine. I’m debating between Wytches and Rat Queens, and am really wishing my budget was open to more than that.

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