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The Pull List- 8/27/2015

Welcome to the Pull List, my weekly “vent about comics and share what you’ve bought” post. So a lot of great stuff this week. I picked this cover because I just love the visual, and the implication that it needs to be overkill on this level to take down Ninjak. Isn’t Valiant’s current output amazing? I’d be willing to call it the most consistently good line of comics out there. I mean, there are definitely better individual books, but as a complete line, Valiant just knocks it out of the park.

So I’d like to give my opinion on the “meat & potatoes” edict from DC Comics.

It’s not going to effect the titles like Harley or Batgirl. They’re selling extremely well as the creator driven voice they are. It’s just like Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel at Marvel. They’re tied to those voices and styles and selling gangbusters, especially on digital. The characters who have never had solo series (Starfire, Cyborg, Dr. Fate- this version at least) are probably going to be safe until their sales dip too low.


However, it is going to affect some of these others that the “Batgirling” approach drew the title too far away from its core. And that’s really JUST the “movie/TV” characters- the big ones adaptable into other mediums. That means Hal Jordan won’t be a renegade for much longer. That means that Clark Kent will be back in the blue and red, soaring over Metropolis soon, probably with his secret intact again (thanks to Mxylptk or whatever). Wonder Woman may still be queen of the Amazons, but her costume will be a lot closer to the classic WW costume. You get the picture.

So if your series has always been an oddball, you’re safe. If it’s the first pass at the character in their own series, it’ll be safe until sales dictate otherwise. If it’s Superman or Green Lantern, say buh-bye to the new status quo.

So what did you buy this week? Let’s hear it!

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