Welcome welcome, day after new comics day! This is our forum to talk specifically about new comics releases, comic book news from the last week, and other comic book related stuff!

I’m gearing up for Salt Lake Comic Con next week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! I’m pretty excited by the line-up. I mean, they have all four Captain America leads! That’s freaking awesome. There’s some great comic creators coming too!

One of my big problems with SLCC though is that there’s SUCH an emphasis on movie and TV. There’s no official presence from Marvel, DC, Image or Dark Horse. In fact, I think Zenescope is the only publisher officially there. The only comic creator I see as more of a writer than an artist is Mike Baron (I don’t think Baron is an artist, but I’m not sure). Pretty much every other comic pro is an artist or writer/artist. That might have something to do with the SDCC/SLCC feud over the Comic Con trademark (and artists being able to roll with getting blacklisted by SDCC but writers not), but I don’t know. It might also have to do with the publishers not being officially present. Which is a big miss on SLCC’s part.

There are some great novelists coming though- Jim Butcher, Tracey Hickman, Tim Zahn, Terry Brooks, James Dashner... So they’ve at least got some great names coming. Anyone want me to try to get sketches or autographs?

Mrs. Brawl and I are considering Halloween costumes. We like the idea of Stormy as a spider (of the radioactive sort?), with the Mrs. as a web. Little Brawl would be in his Spider-Man costume if we did that... which leaves me as... what? We’ve thought about Eddie Brock, with the symbiote taking over half my face. We’ve talked about Curt Connors with scales on his face... I don’t know. Suggestions?


Lastly, I chose this week’s cover for a very specific reason. Double Take Comics launched yesterday by releasing TEN new #1’s based in what they’re calling the Ultimate Night of the Living Dead universe. Ten new titles in a day from a new publisher is ballsy, but all of them zombie comics? That’s stupid in my opinion. Zombies are already oversaturating the market, and there’s bound to be a crash eventually. IMO, if they wanted to launch ten new horror comics, they should have diversified a bit. Two zombie comics, a few other types of horror, and you’re set. But now they’ve but all their eggs in one basket, and if the zombie craze crashes, they’re screwed.

So how about you? What did you pick up? Do you have any opinions on stuff? Let’s hear it!