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The Pull List 9/9/2015

New Tony Harris art is always a reason to celebrate, isn’t it?

For anyone unfamiliar, the Pull List is my (mostly) weekly attempt to drum up conversation about the week’s comics and to vent a bit about events in the comic book industry. Let us know in the comments what you picked up and your opinion on anything that went on in the comic book world- on the page and behind the scenes.


So it seemed to me like nothing major has happened in the comics world this week, then the Red Wolf announcement hit. It seems that Nathan Edmondson is a monster... I can’t find EXACTLY why, but the implication out there is that he’s a “serial predator.” That word seems to imply a sexual harasser, and one that is knowingly doing what they’re doing while knowing that it’s wrong.

Here’s the problem- A: If Edmondson (who I only know through his work, which I really enjoy) is committing any sort of illegal action, whether it be harassment, or anything of the sort, he should not be getting work. Marvel, Image, DC, Dark Horse, whatever. However, I cannot find any direct accusations of exactly WHAT he’s done besides being politically conservative. Seriously, that’s the only direct accusation I can find directed at him. Just being conservative isn’t enough to vilify a guy.

But (in a catch-22) B: By boycotting this book, you’d be boycotting minority representation in comics, something that is sorely needed. So we need to support this book if we want to see more diversity... but we shouldn’t be supporting a book by someone who is committing illegal actions. But what actions are Edmondson committing?!

In short, if there’s a problem with Edmondson, the accusers need to go public. And if management at Marvel or Image know he’s doing something illegal, unethical, or immoral, he shouldn’t be working for them. However, until something concrete comes forward, what can happen?


This is a major problem with the comic industry, and it needs to get better, immediately.

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