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The Pull List/Digital Comics on the Cheap- Brawl is busy edition

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve had a busy past few weeks. I’m sorry (not sorry). But hey, how about we combine talking comics and talking about buying digital comics?

What new stuff did you get? I’m seriously regretting not picking up the current arc of Batman yet. It sounds phenomenal!


Current Comixology sales can be found right here. There are some gems in here. I hear IDW’s X-Files series is great. The Boys from Garth Ennis is a classic. The complete House of M is a great read, IMHO, and so is a few of the tie-ins (Spider-Man!). And Batwoman and Gail Simone’s Wonder Woman is in there too. Pretty hard to beat.

A side note, I’m really to the point that I think DC Comics needs to fire whoever picks series for sales for them. You have Batwoman. You have Gail’s Wonder Woman (with a couple other decent short runs in that volume). You have Paul Dini’s Zatanna series. And... then you have the 80’s Supergirl series that was cancelled so DC could kill her in Crisis, and the Ami-Comi Girls digital first series from a couple years ago. HUNH?! Seriously, what poor choices. You can have PAD’s Supergirl? Or even Loeb’s? Ami-Comi Girls over Sensation Comics? WTF? I really think Ami-Comi Girls is one of DC’s biggest missteps in the last few years, and I hope Bombshells is their way of making up for it. And this sale isn’t the first time I’ve been looking at a DC sale thinking “WTF are they thinking with this?”

So, go, talk comics!

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