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The radio might be trolling me

Yesterday morning when I climbed into the truck to head to work and as I left work the following song was playing both times. As in just starting the moment I turned the key.

It was freaking cold yesterday. This morning, I had to sit in the truck while the defrost ran to melt the ice that was on my windshield. As soon as I put the truck into reverse and hit the power button on the radio what starts playing? Yep, that same song.


That's the temperature currently. Yesterday it was about the same. (For the record it was obviously colder this morning, but it's warmed up some. HA!)

To the rest of my fellow Texans, doesn't this weather suck?

For everyone else elsewhere, how the hell do you all deal with this kind of weather on a regular basis? I'm not saying I like 90+ degree days with 50% humidity, but I can handle them.


I had a talk with my friend about the weather in various parts of the country the other day. We both agreed. If we ever had to deal with anything 18 degrees or lower, the RGV would pretty much say "fuck it, we're on strike" and no one would do anything. Except potentially curl up and await freezing to death.

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