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OK, the TV premier happened last night, the episode was online and ON Demand for like a month, the planets have aligned and the moon is in the 7th house, or something like that, so let's discuss the episode. Drop plot points, story elements, spoilers or whatever you want in this topic.

If you are terribly sensitive to those type of things read nothing past the word ARTIFACT.


Alright, you were warned.

I mean it.

Here are my observations, although from lurking around the site, I see that I'm probably in the minority on my views, but hey, open discussion and all.

1 - James Marsters. I hate to say it, because I like the guy, but he kind of killed it for me. I get the whole Count thing, but I thought he was so over the top, I couldn't get past it. I get that it was on purpose, but I see him and I think of Buffy and the illusion is dead to me. (Although the vampire movies line was funny)

2 - ANOTHER FREAKING RESET? I get that the world's population can't all die at once, but come on, this show hits the reset button more times than owners of a Nintendo 64.


3 - Was it me or were Pete and Myka more upset over the Count's "death" than Lina's?

OK, those were the things off the top of my head that made me grumble a bit. There were lots of good things too. The artifacts were nicely distributed and the trip inside Artie's head was kinda cool. I kinda of like the whole Claudia as the keeper thing, but I just don't want it to turn into "oh Claudia knows the answer every time".


Alright, I know I forgot stuff. Let's discuss.

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