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The return of Doctor Who almost killed off Big Finish's audio plays

And who do we have to thank for stopping this horrific event from happening? Why, Russell T Davies!

Speaking during an interview for the DVD documentary Doctor Forever - The Apocalypse Element (included on next month's special edition re-release of The Visitation), RTD discusses having to effectively hide Big Finish's license to produce Classic Doctor-era audio plays - a license they've held since 1999 - from Mal Young, Davies' fellow Executive Producer when the show returned in 2005:

"I swear to god, if Mal Young had found out about Big Finish, he would have canceled them. He would have axed their license." Describing a meeting with BBC Worldwide when the topic of Big Finish and their license was broached, Davies said, "I remember leaning across the desk and went, 'That's fine. Mal, I'll take charge of that. You don't have to worry about it. It's fine, let's move on.' I literally stopped it being discussed."


It's scary to think on what we would've missed out on if the BBC ended up axing Big Finish's dramas with the NuWho revival. No New Eighth Doctor Adventures. No Lucie Bleedin' Miller. No Fourth Doctor and Leela/Romana I stories. No Companion Chronicles. No The Light at the End this year! But most importantly, we might not have fully realised just how awesome this guy is:

Make Love, not (Time) War!

I mean, come on. Paul McGann is a dude! And he's such a fantastic actor, one who's done so much for Doctor Who over the past 17 years, keeping it alive through Big Finish and his brilliant portrayal of the Eighth Doctor. I shudder to think what might have been if RTD hadn't managed to sidestep Mal Young and we'd seen Big Finish fall to the way side.


So huzzah for Russell T Davies, that splendid chap.

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