Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Issue #14 of the ongoing Guardians of the Galaxy series included a back-up story featuring the original line-up of the Guardians: Major Vance Astro, Starhawk, Charlie-27, Yondu and Martinex. The back-up story was written by Dan Abnett, one of the creators of the current team. At the time there was speculation as to whether the appearance of the old team was just a hat tip to fans or hinting at something more. Now we have our answer.

Newsarama is reporting that the original team of 31st Century freedom fighters will be back in their own ongoing series starting in October. The book will be written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Gerardo Sandoval. Sandoval also did the pencils for the back-up story.


The return of this Guardians of the Galaxy team is great news if you enjoy the more cosmic side of Marvel comics. It also makes me more hopeful that my theory of Nathan Fillion playing Vance Astro in the GotG movie is true.

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