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The Returned could become a good show but it’s nothing special yet

I just watched the first two episodes of A&E's The Returned (the second episode is available on demand before airing next week). So far the show has hit the same major beats as the French show Les Revenants that it's based on but the US version will diverge soon, which could be good or bad.

Mild spoilers for the first episode ahead.

Much like comparing Gracepoint to Broadchurch, your opinion of The Returned (at least the first two episodes) will depend on whether you have seen Les Revenants. Since I did see the French version when it aired on the Sundance Channel it was difficult to get into the A&E version when it seemed to be the same thing shifted to a town in Washington state from France. There weren't any real surprises since I already knew the girls were twins (and they kept the bit with them both feeling it when one had sex) and what would happen to Lucy when she went into the tunnel among other things.


The producers have stated that they will put their own spin on things. That's good because the premise of the show allows for different takes on what's going on and prevents The Returned from suffering from the same flaws as Gracepoint, which never really strayed too far from its source material. But it could be bad because the premise also allows the show to descend into a Lost style spiral of unexplained mysteries since one of the executive producers and writers of The Returned is Carlton Cuse. Whether he has learned from his experience on Lost remains to be seen.

But I'll give The Returned a chance and see where they go. The show has a strong cast and I hope they get something good to work with. In the meantime Les Revenants is streaming on Netflix if you haven't seen it.

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