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The rules have changed on Haven

In the aftermath of last week's episode Nathan and Duke have to figure out what's really going on with their prisoner. There's also the issue of how the locals and the Guard feel about Mara. Too bad Nathan has a big problem of his own to deal with. Spoilers ahead.

No one knows how it happened but Audrey and Mara are split into two separate bodies. So much like a gothic novel the evil twin is locked up and kept hidden. Last week I asked why keep Mara around it all. Someone pointed out that Mara and Audrey may be linked like Audrey and William were. Nathan and Duke consider the same thing.


Duke gets his Tarantino on but can't follow through on his threat to cut off Mara's toe to see if she's connected to Audrey. It's not until the end of the episode that Mara shows she's not linked to Audrey. But by then Duke has a good reason to keep her around.

Meanwhile in Audreyland Nathan realizes that Audrey is no longer immune to the Troubles. That plus the Guard (minus Dwight who is out of town, maybe in Cincinnati) is not really sure she's not Mara being tricky means Audrey is in real danger out in public.


Audrey being Audrey, she still wants to help with the new Trouble. People are disappearing in a flash of light leaving behind a shadow similar to the phenomenon that happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When it happens to Nathan, he finds himself in some sort of limbo where he can only communicate with the other people stuck in that limbo (who think they are dead) with one exception.


Mara is immune to the Trouble. She's the only one can see and hear Nathan but she has no interest in helping until Duke threatens to turn her over to the Guard. They have snatched Audrey believing that she's still Mara. So Mara helps Duke free Audrey then shows Duke that she and Audrey aren't linked. But since she's the only one who can communicate with Nathan, Mara has a pretty big bargaining chip for now. Duke may have been willing to try handling his Trouble pressure cooker problem on his own but he's not not going to risk losing Nathan.


Nathan has another problem though. Someone is killing the ghosts in limbo with him. Anyone else think it's probably the guy from Malcolm in the Middle?


In more guilt by casting I suspect the photographer at the farmers market may play a part in the Trouble since it's the same actress who plays Freddie Lounds on Hannibal. I doubt she was just there for a few minutes of screen time as a random person.

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