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The Sandman is Coming to Netflix

That’s right: Neil Gaiman’s epic saga The Sandman, published under the late, lamented DC Vertigo comics, will finally be adapted into a series format on Netflix or so says the Hollywood Reporter.

According to THR, the show also comes with a massive price tag: “Netflix has signed what sources describe as a massive financial deal with Warner Bros. Television to adapt the best-seller into a live-action TV series. Sources familiar with the pact note it is the most expensive TV series that DC Entertainment has ever done.”


Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman, ABC’s The Catch, Grey’s Anatomy) is set to write and be the showrunner, while Neil Gaiman and David S. Goyer are both producers.

It should be noted that, according to THR, the deal has not yet been finalized, so we might not be getting The Sandman show after all. The last attempt was a few years ago when Joseph Gordon-Levitt was set to produce a movie version, but it failed. Writer Eric Heisserer (the last writer on the movie project) said to io9, “I … came to the conclusion that the best version of this property exists as an HBO series or limited series, not as a feature film, not even as a trilogy. The structure of the feature film really doesn’t mesh with this. So I went back and said here’s the work that I’ve done. This isn’t where it should be. It needs to go to TV.”

And it might just be going to TV via Netflix after all. Let’s hope that the deal not only happens, but that they manage to create a faithful and fantastic version of the comic.

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