And no, it is not but about Darren Wilson's non-indictment.

But in response to the increased threat we face and in response to the police and security services telling us this is what they need, we will legislate to allow TPIM [Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures] subjects to be relocated to different parts of the country.

Go on, have a guess at which Government said that. No, it is not from some historical document. It's from a speech made yesterday by Theresa May, Home Secretary of the UK.

If you read this and think "that's not so scary" here's a reminder that relocation of individuals that had opposing political views (and sometimes their whole families) or were otherwise undesirable to the state was a tactic often employed by both the nazi and communist regimes in the Soviet Union and in other communist republics, to tragic results. The deportations usually took people from their homes to remote areas with few resources or to labour camps. Countless people lost their lives that way and millions were affected.

Considering all the other anti-terrorist legislation being considered by the UK (but other democratic governments as well: mass data collections, internet censorship, security theater) the path we're headed on is one we're paving with good intentions.