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The Scream Queens Thanksgiving episode ends the way you expect

Scream Queens continues to milk thirteen episodes out of a plot better suited for a two hour slasher movie. This week’s episode wasn’t marching in place as much as the last few and characters actually shared information. And we got several memorable Thanksgiving dinners. Spoilers ahead.

Chanel Oberlin has no future as a health care professional since she couldn’t tell that Hester was still alive when she dumped her in the meat locker. Hester crashes the Radwell Thanksgiving dinner and gets shamed along with Chanel as a gold digger. On the plus side it was a family bonding experience for the Radwells. And Chanel actually apologizes to Hester for trying to kill her.


Chanel #3 storms out of dinner with her frozen meal tycoon family and returns to the Kappa house where Dean Munsch is preparing the turkey she pardoned the day before. By the end of the day just about all the characters are at the Kappa house. After a round of “Who is the Red Devil” where several revelations come out they sit down to dinner and instead of turkey the main course is Gigi’s decapitated head.

Assorted thoughts:

  • I don’t know where Julia Duffy has been hiding after Newhart but she was spot on as the matriarch of the Radwell family. She and Alan Thicke nailed it as darkest timeline versions of TV characters they’ve played before.
  • This episode was the first time I realized that everything we know about Chanel Oberlin is what she’s told other people and we’ve seen nothing firsthand. She does seem to have money (or is a great con artist as A.V. Club suggests). But even if she is faking it that doesn’t make her the Red Devil.
  • Assuming the writers even care about continuity and who actually had enough unaccounted for time to kill Gigi the most obvious is Chanel #5 since she didn’t show up onscreen until late in the day. Hester also had a lot of unaccounted for time when Gigi was killed. Arguably everyone had some window of opportunity to do the deed though.
  • Everyone now knows that Dean Munsch committed at least one murder.
  • Everyone also now knows that Grace’s father is also Boone’s father (and the father of the one remaining Red Devil if it really is Boone’s twin sister).

At this point I’m not even going to try predict who the last Red Devil is since I suspect some convoluted reveal to cover any holes the writers have noticed.

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