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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Oscar Worthy?

Since when did movies filled with comedic-bred casts become so subtly heavy and lighthearted at the same time, all whilst being overall more impressive than those big-budget dramatic thrillers? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty opens like many other mid-range movies trying to be taken serious, but then the Ben Stiller-directed adventure takes the movie-goer on a journey many of us often imagine, like Walter himself, to find that part of ourselves we'd lost to the hardships of a normal life and whatever forced us there.

We all individually are Walter Mitty, and this movie is a call for us to go on an adventure, to explore, whether thats sailing to a far off land or just starting a more serious conversation with that coworker or classmate we've been infatuated with since meeting.


Ben Stiller's newest motion picture captures on rolling film the quintessence of Life magazine: people exploring Earth, people finding themselves, and people connecting with other people. The plot line isn't as complicated and confusing as a Christopher Nolan epic, but then it's not supposed to be. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty utilizes brilliant film work and gargantuan visuals to coax us into changing the way we live.

So, is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty great enough to challenge for the biggest award of the silver screen? Considering it's effect on the lives of those leaving the theatre, it has already won. The Oscar is a different story.

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