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The Sense8 Christmas Special is a Ridiculous, Awesome Mess

There are few things I love more than a telepathic orgy.

Sense8 is the creation of the sometimes brilliant, sometimes erratic Wachowskis. For those of you who watched the first season, I’m sure you’re aware of both the strengths and the weaknesses of a show focused on eight (8!) protagonists. The individual episodes have a very hard time staying focused, and at the end of the day you’re never really sure what the fuck just happened in a single viewing.


Regardless, the show was innovative and clever enough to get renewed for a second season. A prelude to this was a quite lovely, quite strange holiday special that conveyed all the angst that the eight (8!) protagonists endure as they sail through their respective holidays and, it turns out, their birthdays.

I’m not really sure where to begin, so let me say that the coming out story of Lito and the growing awareness/romance of Will were center stage on this one. Lito’s moments of self-realization were tender and pure... God bless the actor who plays him for being equally vulnerable and strong. Wolfgang’s predicament was equally intriguing. Kala and Sun smoldered in the background, providing support when needed. Tobi and Nomi had small story arcs, but they felt second fiddle to Lito’s moments with his mother and Will’s encounter with Whispers. Did mention there are eight (8!) protagonists in this show?

And there’s a 10-minute sequence that falls somewhere between “telepathic orgy” and “telepathic rave.” It’s fun, sexy as hell, and cheerful, while never hitting a false note. Despite all the darkness our sense8s deal with, they revel and languish in each other, feeling an unbridled connection that knows no bounds.

The Christmas Special did its best to give us a sort of snapshot of everyone after the events of the Season 1 finale. Will is using heroin to prevent Whispers to get into his head. (I can’t help but think there might have been a better option?) Everyone else is dealing with their own personal shit, while occasionally glimpsing their “mother,” Angelica, as they grow more aware and powerful. All in all, it’s a fun ride. If you haven’t checked out this series, I recommend it.


Can’t wait for Season 2.

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