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The Ship of Theseus and the Sugarbabes!

Wikipedia, you never fail to amuse. So, i'm having this conversation and I needed some specifics on the Theseus Paradox, the one about whether something that has had all its constituent components replaced is actually the same object is was before... I performed some quick google-fu and end up laughing my ass off.

So its a grand philosophical thought experiment with massive technological, social, etc implications... and Wikipedia uses, of all things, the band Sugarbabes as a modern day example.


To be fair, its not inaccurate... but its does feel a little hilarious having managed to connect Socrates and Plutarch to a throwaway pop band.

They also include a reference to the TV show Only Fools and Horses but i'm okay with that as the pearls of wisdom that dropped from that brilliant show are undisputed.

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