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The Showrunner Is Dead, Long Live The Showrunner

Well the day many have been anticipating has finally arrived with the news that Steven Moffat, the current showrunner of Doctor Who, will be leaving the show after the next season airs in 2017. However what people weren’t expecting was his already confirmed replacement Chris Chibnall, whose ascension has already received a mixed review given how his most recent episodes (Series 7's ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ and ‘Power of Three’) weren’t regarded as classics.


For those who don’t know Chris Chibnall is the creator and showrunner of the hit ITV drama Broadchurch (which featured Who alumni David Tenant and Olivia Colman in the lead roles) but that also received middling reviews on its second season which could raise further questions over his suitability, especially given how Broadchurch deals with much darker matter similar to that seen this season which divided Who fans at times. I myself found much of the contents of this season to be very gritty and serious compared to previous seasons.

Personally I would’ve liked to have seen it go to Toby Whithouse.

Not only has he got a proven record of Who episodes under his belt with widely praised episodes such as season 2's ‘School Reunion’, which saw the return of Sarah Jane, but also more recently season 6‘s ‘The God Complex’, which was a standout episode that year, but most importantly was creator and showrunner of the hit BBC comedy-drama Being Human which saw a ghost, vampire, and werewolf sharing a flat in Bristol (and later Cardiff) which featured a humorous tone that at times became more serious that I feel would do better for the family focus that Who has as an audience.

This brings me to my main point which is who would you have liked to see in the role of showrunner on Who and why?

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