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The Skeleton Key (or an Open Forum)

So as you all know I have a bunch of (more or less) big tests this week and thought it might be good for my grades if I didn't do the Open Forum until I'm done with all of the tests (but ended up writing a bunch of non Open Forum articles and getting a job writing stuff about videogames at b-ten.com).

Then just now, me being me, I decided to watch a horror film. That film was The Skeleton Key. I actually thought it would be a bit scary and stuff but I was really disappointed. If anything that film was freaky. Yeah, it was freaky as hell. But it wasn't scary. Pet Sematary was scary, I couldn't sleep for weeks after seeing that. Hell when I was little I couldn't sleep after seeing Harry Potter (very unrelated, but I just remembered that).


The Skeleton Key was interesting nonetheless, the whole premise is awesome (I'm not going to tell anything about it because spoilers, if you want to know more you can find some info here). It just wasn't poop-your-pants-scary. It was more B-film-predictable-interesting-plot-and-creepy.

But, because it's no use pretending I'll learn more without the Open Forum, this calls for a topic: What horror film did you find not scary yet still interesting? And what film scared you shitless?

As I said, The Skeleton Key wasn't scary at all. But Pet Sematary kept me up at night quite some nights. I don't know what it was. Maybe it was because it was my first real horror film (you know, other than Harry Potter). Maybe it was that goddamn scene with the sister on the bed and the twisting back....*shivers*. Maybe it was the ending. Maybe it was how it grips you right from the beginning. Whatever it was, that film scared me. But it was a beautiful fear.

The same type of beautiful fear I had when reading IT. I'd be up for hours because of how that book gripped me, yet it still had some weird scary aura. You could tell there was some real shit going down. And that ending .... that ending (there's no way to describe the shame that the filmed iteration should feel).


So, a lot more text than usual (but still all of my greatness). But, What horror film did you find not scary yet still interesting? And what film scared you shitless?

Oh and did I mention that I'll be writing articles for b-ten.com starting Friday?

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