Lajhár az egész világ

Lajh√°rk√©nt festi √ļjra a vil√°got ‚Äď k√©preg√©nyhŇĎs√∂ket, festm√©nyeket, h√≠res embereket ‚Äď Shitty Watercolour festŇĎ. Lajh√°rk√©nt szinte mindenki viccesebb! Egyetlen lajh√°rm√°ni√°s bar√°tomat is jobban √©rtem, ami√≥ta megismertem Shitty Watercolour mŇĪv√©szet√©t. √Črdemes √°tkattintani, van Mona Lajh√°rlisa, Albert Lajh√°rstein √©s m√©g Lana Del Lajh√°r is!

The Slothocalypse

The artist Shitty Watercolour drew 101 fictional characters as sloths. You know, as you do. Characters from a wide variety of series like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Office, The Matrix, etc. Great recognizable characters... and Zoidberg. I think these movies and shows would be a bit longer though with sloths as the main characters.

Even more sloth art can be seen at the artist's site.

Via The Mary Sue