Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Snowpiercing Polar Express Hellmas Train

Back in early November some of us discussed our experiences with model train sets, as I was looking into getting a set for a Christmas themed project and exploring its potential for a hobby in general. Well, with modest goals, I picked up a Lionel Polar Express set, but as per usual, I have trouble keeping things simple.


As I kinda expected, most of the fun was in planning how I wanted the layout to look, acquiring the accessories, and building it out. After the whole thing was basically complete, there's only so much enjoyment I could get out of watching the train go around in circles. This was a pretty fun project, but I'm in no rush to pursue this any further for now, although not without taking it all one step further...

Despite my obvious lack of professional video editing skills, I have created a couple of videos of the layout. I basically tried to line things up within reason to some appropriate music, while giving an overall view of the various areas within the layout. Both videos should be available with a 1080P option.


The "Christmas Vacation" edition contains bonus content:

  1. Epilogue
  2. Snowpiercing I: Silent Running
  3. Snowpiercing II: The Hell Train (It's SFW, but might not be advisable for those susceptible to nausea or other conditions resulting from watching video with certain kinds of effects.)

Sick of Christmas music or never liked it anyway? Try the "End of the Line" edition:

My only regret is that I didn't find a small Jack Torrance figure to innocently place somewhere in the wintery layout as a subtle disruption to the usual saccharinity of Christmas stuff.

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