And what I’ve been thinking in cinema when they started rolling - holds up. There’s really no way this is not the result of someone of importance in the VFX company doing them having a major fetish...

I mean - sure, you’re a little limited with the main iconic symbol for the movie being what it is...

And you have to make it sexy, because - 007...

But still.... that - is a fetish video!


Also - Bond’s first topless appearance in the opening credits, so - he’s very much into it, but I guess that doesn’t come as a surprise.. :D


Mind you - I‘m not judging. Fetishes in general and certainly not this one... Not. At. All........Ahem.... Enough said.;)


P.S. Just ignore the music and focus on the visuals. Unless.... you’re more into this music than this fetish. In that case, I may judge you after all.