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The Spinoff Wheel (You Spin Me Off Right Round?) Thread [ALL SPOILERS]

When Supernatural says there'll be a back door pilot later on this season, unfortunately not porn. Word is there's a new character being created for this, on a show notorious for the number of ex-characters in its files. Take a show you like or don't like—how would you spin off a great show? New character? Old? New town? Altered premise? Which show would you emulate? Avoid like the plague? What spinoffs do you like and hate? Spin here and now.


I'll start with a SPNoff. I'll avoid the main characters, even in a new or old timeline, because I don't want to mess with that canon under a new administration. But I would, for instance, plan out maybe a five year series (is that allowed in the US? Have an end from before the start?) using currently dead characters, and we'll all pretend that setting the show in 1995 meshes just fine with their appearances. My elevator pitch would be Grumpy Old Hunters, and it would be the Rufus and Bobby show, and it would hinge on, somehow, what happened in Omaha. We can use it as the endgame, somehow. Or everything can allude to Omaha and the unrevealed incidents. But—Omaha. Hell, let's call it The Omaha Chronicles.

The question is—tone and setting. Is it just another couple of hunters running around the US solving the mysteries science can't explain and the law can't handle? Hmm. Well, first off, let's expand the scope beyond the US. At the very least we know that Bobby speaks Japanese. I think that's a good premise to start off with, that these guys are global. Tonewise, I think there's less meta, less slapstick, less destiny, fewer prophecies, no angels and more mundane demons. But let's really work the fuck out of the greenscreen and explore the lore of the world, not just some of the continent.

Clearly Bobby and Rufus are funny, and clearly they're a solid team. But I think their sniping would have a different tone—Bobby owes Rufus big time—that was his entre into hunting. But there's pain there too, at least on Bobby's side. But maybe Rufus didn't get into hunting painfully. That could be interesting to explore—why does someone do this if they're not avenging a wrong? What makes you a crazy alcoholic genocidal hero?


We will allow for the holes where where Bobby interacts with the Winchesters, and keep the references to a minimum, balancing poignancy with humour, but it's not part of Rufus's life so...


(I avoided Ghostfacers because they're a bit of a gimme)


(But also RUFUS)

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