Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

The Strain: Last night wasn't bad, but...


1) We have to wait until NEXT week to find out out Eph's wife? Bummer. I want her stereotypical Long Island Italian friend to get infected though.


2) Also, new boyfriend Matt seemed to be just becoming the vamp; he seemed kind of slow with his tentacle attacks.

3) Wrap-up of the Eichorst/Master/young Setrakian thread was nice, though not really final-scene worthy. Something to do with Eph's wife would have been a better end scene.

4) Poor Gus and his cousin. Great scenes in the prison van though; Gus (like Vasily) did what needed to be done, but with a lot more emotion. Wondering if he'll return home to find Mom turned. I'm pretty sure his druggie brother will be though.

5) I liked the Setrakian scenes with both Vasily and Eph's son Zach, though somebody needs to send that kind to acting school. (Of course I said the same thing about Carl in The Walking Dead, but he got better as he got older. Maybe the same thing will happen here...)


6) Eph's treating Nora like crap, which is probably why their original relationship didn't last.

7) Hacker girl is a pain in the ass but I hope she proves herself useful like she did this episode: was wondering how long they'd stretch out her admission of guilt in regards to the Internet meltdown.


8) Kind of annoyed that hacker girl is mad at her former roommate/lover: geez, the girl made a narrow escape from monsters, and figures her GF is now dead/turned: hell, I'd grab everything of value possible and run for the hills too.

9) The brief bit with Nora's mom explains not only what they did with her (I assume locked her behind the counter vs. just leaving her there) and also how she felt about it. It was so short yet possibly one of the best scenes int he episode.


10) Vasily is probably going to try one last time to get his parents, but I'm scared that he'll find them turned instead.

11) All in all, Eph's son Zach seems to be taking all of this in stride: "Did you burn Matt's body?"


12) People keep complaining about the Internet/cell phone outage. If you want to confuse and muddle info coming out of NYC, that's a great way to do it. Sure, some people have landlines, but they're likely trying to call people with cell phones, so... you see how this part of the Master's plan makes sense.


I'll be interested to see what happens next week: there's still 3-4 more episodes this season.

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