Once again, my spoiler-free musings about tonight's episode of The Strain...

1) PAYOFF! Finally, what we've been waiting to see happened... and yet they still managed to drag it out. Geez.

2) Hacker girl (aka Dutch) needs to get over herself.

3) Vasily is still the best character on the show.

4) Just FYI: The episode focuses on Vasily, Dutch, Eph, and Kelly, with snippets of Zach. Not much Nora, Nora's mom, or Setrakian, and zero Eichorst.


5) It was still the best of the last few episodes.

6) We get to actually see a worm do what all the promos showed at the start... And it's as icky as you think it is.

All in all, I'm hoping for some follow up on people we haven't seen in awhile, and some fun confrontations leading up to the finale.