Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Stupid Spells We Love

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Today Rob Bricken had a fun post on io9 about some of the most useless spells in Dungeons and Dragons. Hilariously, the D&D nerds (I’m including myself here) rushed to the comments to argue why their favorite dumb spells are actually pretty amazing.


My favorite dumb spell: Reverse Gravity. Cast the spell, gravity flips in an area. Cast in a room, the bad guys fall up and bonk themselves on the ceiling, the spell ends and they bonk on the ground. Cast it outside, and the enemies hover in the air until they fall when the spell wears off. If you want to cause damage, there are a lot of better spells at that level than Reverse Gravity. More likely, its a crowd control spell to get baddies out of your hair for a while, though there are also better spells for that. However, my party stumbled across a devastating and horrific use for the spell. In a maneuver I’m going to call the “Sky Chainsaw,” the wizard casts Reverse Gravity and immediately after the cleric casts Blade Barrier in the air. The helpless enemies are held suspended in the air within the Blade Barrier as they are ripped to shreds round after round and blood and gore rains down on your party. Hooray!

What are your favorite uses for seemingly useless or stupid spells?

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