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...and you will be able to watch it!

Three days from now NärCon (a convention focused on east asian pop-culture and gaming) will together with SVT (Swedens national broadcasting channel) air the Swedish Cosplay Championship. First they will host a live stream on SVT-Play (that anyone can watch! Even you! Person outside of our borders!) and then later that day, they will air on TV! That is pretty cool right? One of my friends are in the panel of judges and a few other friends is doing a bunch of other stuff related to the cosplay championship.


They finalists are winners from several other Swedish conventions and if I remember correctly, also from some sort of Internet vote. They have a nifty process explanation thingy on the website, but I don't think you will get that one without understanding Swedish.

They have some Swedish interviews with all the finalists here.

And one of the finalists made a video of what you can expect from him:

Here is links to all the finalists webpages! In case you want to see how freaking amazing they are at what they do! (Some of them only have Facebook fan pages):
SIZ Cosplay
Cat's Cosplay Kingdom
Pilerud's Cosplay
Jigget's Cosplay corner
Märtas Facebooksida
Marsii's cosplay stuff
Rebeckas Facebook-sida
Gensen Cosplay

Okey, I'm to lazy to convert timezones and stuff for you all. But the live stream got a giant clock that is counting down the days and after that hours, right here. So check that link when the time is right! :D

Anyway, felt it was a fun thing to share with the O-deck. :D I really love how cosplaying is growing.

(I stole the trophy image from the Cosplay SM fanpage)

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