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The Tale of the House of Hatrack

Long ago there was a land ruled by a man and a woman. As symbols of their status they wore elaborate hats made of gold, encrusted with jewels. They ruled the land with iron fists and engendered the hatred of the people. Despair was rampant and the only protest the people could manage was to secretly refer to the rulers as “Hatracks” as they were good for nothing more than holding up the hats they wore as signs of their office.

One day, a mighty warrior came to the land bearing his legendary sword, Woot. He saw the state of the people and the desolation of the land and knew that he could not let such injustice stand in the world. Claiming a desire to swear his sword to the service of the rulers he was granted access to the throne room. Once there he unsheathed Woot and struck the heads of the rulers from their bodies. Hanging their ornate hats on his sword he went to the balcony and declared an end to their tyrannical rule exclaiming, “Sic semper capellus!”

The people were so overjoyed that they asked the warrior to take the throne and rule the land as reward for his great deed. The warrior was a humble man and reluctantly agreed on the condition that he not be expected to wear the ornate hat of office. For this reason, he and his descendants for all time have taken the title Quasi Hatrack and in memory of his legendary weapon the heir to the House of Hatrack is known as The Woot.


*Full disclosure: WinnieTheWoot designed the House Sigil and invented the House Words along with the basic story of the hero defeating the tyrants and hanging their crowns on his sword. I named the sword and the background of our titles to flesh out the story a bit more.

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