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The Teaser Trailer for Bright (A.K.A. Orc Cop) Is Here

Let’s take a break from the Oscar madness (congratulating the winner, La La Land Moonlight, of course) to take a look at this trailer for an urban fantasy cop movie from the director of the Academy Award-winning film Suicide Squad.

Boy, that was a mouthful, wasn’t it? In any case, this is the teaser trailer for Bright (otherwise known as the much better name Orc Cop), directed by David Ayer and written by Ayer and Max Landis. It appears to be about a cop, played by Will Smith, who lives in a land where humans and magical creatures exist side by side. According to the Wikipedia page, Smith has to team up with an Orc cop played by Joel Edgerton, hence making this the first buddy cop urban fantasy movie. I think.


In any case, Max Landis + Will Smith + the premise = I want to watch. And, aside from Suicide Squad, David Ayer has made some great films. Let’s just hope this is one of them.

Bright arrives on Netflix in December.

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