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The terrorists (and Hitler) have already won

In the wake of ISIS, it seems nobody on television is allowed to be beheaded anymore. First, Doctor Who deleted an entire scene from their Robot of Sherwood episode (which actually made the episode more violent, by leaving out the crucial reveal that the Sheriff was really a robot, and skipping straight to the bit where Robin burns him alive in a vat of molten gold) and now, the second season of Danger 5 has been delayed indefinitely by their Australian broadcaster SBS, because the first episode also features a decapitation... an extremely cheesy and obviously fake decapitation... by a giant red-eyed wolf-man in a sports coat wielding a samurai sword. (You can catch a glimpse of him in the trailer)

Unfortunately, if you want to watch the second season of Danger 5, your only chance at the moment is to fly to Australia and catch it during one of their upcoming convention screenings. The first three episodes were recently shown at Fantastic Fest, and the reviews are in, and looking good, provided you're into absurdist 80's action movie shtick involving nazi dinosaurs, flame-throwing chainsaws, locker room shark attacks, coked up snakes, vampires, Thriller zombies, time travel cocktails, uzi-swords, killer puppets, and Hitler trying to find a date to the prom.


Hopefully SBS will eventually realize that postponing a TV show because the world is a shitty place isn't helping anybody, and nobody would have cared if they hadn't brought it up. Considering that the rest of the series is full of chocked full of gratuitous blood, guts, and other bodily fluids (many, many, bodily fluids), if you're waiting for a time when Danger 5 isn't going to offend someone, you're in for a long wait.

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