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The Thing I Didn't Realize I Really Wanted Until Right Now

Pretty much spoiler-free, I think. Posted a comment on the mainpage about what *I* would want to see Age of Ultron do to incorporate AoS, and after writing it realized that yeah, this is really, really, really what I would love to see.

Couldn't figure out how to do that share comment-thingy, so just reposted here.

Do you know how much I would LOVE to see a scene where Fury and the Heroes send in nameless/faceless SHIELD grunts to work a situation, and while it's not mentioned, we see it's Coulson's team?

Black Widow: "Looks like south side's going to be a problem . . . "

Cap: "Fury, we need reinforcements on the south side."

Fury: "Team Three, divert to the south. See if you can get that wall down!"

<Coulson's voice>: "On it."

Cut to FitzSimmons planting charges while Coulson, May, etc cover their retreat. Overhead, Iron Man buzzes by. Camera follows him back into the heroes' action.


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