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The Three Lives of Ruby Neal

Since I'm bored and trying to break out of a writing slump, here's something I cranked out this morning about three characters a certain actress plays.

Ruby's shift in the diner ended badly as it often did. She had another fight with Granny, this time because Granny accused her of flirting with the customers. Ruby had angrily replied that she was just being friendly and Granny needed to lighten up. Ruby had finally stormed away. One day she was going to get away from this backwater town and go to Boston.


Ruby was choosing an outfit for her girls' night out with Mary-Margaret when the wave of vertigo hit. No! Not now!

Ruby collapsed to the floor unconscious.


"Wake up, Red."

She opened her eyes and saw the dark haired woman named Snow. Morning light filtered through the forest canopy. Fragments of Red's strange dream of that strange place drifted away leaving a vague feeling of unease.

"I heard soldiers nearby," said Snow. "We need to leave,"

Red got to her feet and adjusted her red cloak. "Okay, let's go."

The two women quietly slipped further into the forest. They traveled most of the day until they came to a stream.


"Snow, you go on. I'm going to stay here."

"What? Why?"

"There's a tear in my cloak. It might not stop me from turning tonight. You'll be safer if you're not with me."


"Red, I'm not leaving you alone."

"Snow, please. Do this for me."

Snow sighed then turned away. "Goodbye for now, Red. But we will meet again."

Red watched Snow leave then made herself a cold meal of fruit and cheese as night fell. Later she sat near the stream with her back against a tree. The full moon was rising when the wave of vertigo hit her. No! Not now!



"You with me, Riley?"

She must have dozed off in the passenger seat of the SUV. Riley was momentarily disoriented as she shook away the remnants of the strange dream.


"Where are we, Gabriel?"

"Two minutes out from the warehouse.Are you up for this? You look a little out of it."


"I'm fine," she snapped. "Besides, Lillian would have my ass if I let you go in there alone."

Gabriel chuckled. "Easy, tiger."

The SUV stopped in block away from the target warehouse and the two agents got out. They approached with pistols drawn.


"No surveillance cameras to hack," Gabriel said. "We have to go in blind."


Riley and Gabriel entered the warehouse. They worked their way around the stacks of crates towards the office in the rear. Riley sensed movement to the side and shoved Gabriel to the ground just as a shot broke the silence. They scrambled for cover as more shots rang out.


Riley returned fire and hit one of the gunmen. Then a wave of vertigo struck. No, no, no! Not now!

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