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The good stuff keeps coming from Rebellion these days. This is a bit of advance warning to start saving those pennies. The 2000ad publisher will be reprinting The Trigan Empire saga in the first mass market publication edition in several decades.


Written by Mike Butterworth and painted by Don Lawrence, the saga began in 1965 with the first issue of Ranger, a glossy weekly that mixed comic strips with factual features and text stories. In the first installment of The Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire a spacecraft crashes on Earth. The crew are dead but they carry the electronic archive of the inhabitants of Elekton. Once translated it reveals the tale of a nomadic tribe who forge a mighty empire.

Similarities to Rome and Greece abound as three brothers - Trigo, Brag and klud - try to remake the world on five hills. Swords and togas sit side by side with ray guns and strange machines. Ranger only lasted forty issues before it was merged with Look & Learn, another glossy weekly but with a more educational leaning. The Trigan Empire continued in its new home until 1982. Apart from Don Lawrence, installments of the strip were painted by Ron Embleton, Miguel Quesada, Oliver Frey, Philip Corke and Gerry Wood. Rebellion are starting their series with a 300 page volume.

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