Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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Last night's Korra episode was pretty epic, but one thing that stood out in particular was how outclassed Zahir was in his battle with Tenzin. It was a little refreshing to see him run and stumble and lose for the first time in the entire season, especially when he never even had these gifts to start with. Watching him battle Tenzin, and watching Tenzin hold his own without missing a beat was, for me, the highlight of the episode.

Of course watching them all gang up on Tenzin in a scene that was even more ambiguous than the "death" of the Earth Queen was a little heart-wrenching. I want to see if the showrunners actually have the guts to kill Tenzin off, as that would not just be a major emotional motivator for Korra (who has been fairly level-headed this season, I must say) but a massive setback for the Air Nation as a whole. Korra and Jinora would have to be the leaders of this new world, something that even Aang didn't have to do at such a young age.


Tenzin's low moment also made me realise something about Airbenders. There have been so few of them in the run of the show, and they have been so good at dispatching opponents, I actually didn't know what it was like to see an Airbender lose. Aang could always fall back on his Avatarness to save the day, as could Korra, but even with Zahir, and Jinora and Meelo, (friggin Meelo!) it always seemed like the Airbenders were unstoppable. The easiest justification for this was that no one has dealt with Airbenders for close two 2 centuries now, but the cynic in me has always believed it was plot armour. I suppose the armour is gone now, but it was a little shocking that it happened at all.

I also expected more from Kya. Ming Hua owned her a little too easily.

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