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The Troubles are a metaphor for something on Haven

While the Troubled people of Haven have tried to keep their problem on the down low the Troubles are becoming more and more of an open secret among the normal residents. So it was only a matter of time before the Troubled were cast as "those people." Spoilers ahead.

"She's one of those people."


This week's episode "Reflections" was not at all subtle. Samantha, the Troubled teenage girl responsible for this week's Trouble, has a girlfriend. Samantha's mother fires the girlfriend because she's "one of them" (meaning Troubled) but doesn't know her daughter is also. At least this didn't turn into a very special episode with the mother suddenly seeing the error of her ways. If anything her position against the Troubled is hardened after what happened.

"You finally believe I care about you."

Meanwhile this happened. Mara can be a manipulative villain and still have the hots for Duke. Of course having Duke romantically involved with her is something Mara can and probably will use to her advantage. But that doesn't mean she's not romantically involved and not faking it.


On a side note, Duke and Mara's kiss echoes Duke and Audrey's kiss in Colorado.

Speaking of Audrey, she is physically deteriorating (sort of like a rotting husk?) after her split from Mara. She's temporarily helped when she's affected by the current Trouble but after it's resolved Audrey is sick again. Does Audrey need something from Mara? Can Dr. Cross help her?


"I just wish I could do more."


As for Doctor Cross, she's not in Haven on CDC business. Dwight did at least a minimal background check so Charlotte is apparently who she says she is but in town on her own initiative. She does tell Audrey that she doesn't want to call the CDC until she understands what's going on in Haven. Aside from being professionally discredited by prematurely reporting on the Troubles, Charlotte doesn't want the feds to come in and mess everything up. So far it all sounds plausible.

But she is aware of Audrey's past incarnations so Charlotte definitely has a secret or two. I do wonder what the testing on the hair will turn up. Can Gloria find what makes Charlotte "too skinny" as Gloria puts it?

  • Dwight is finding out how hard it is to run the Guard. Besides members going rogue and kidnapping Audrey, someone in the Guard has stolen the remaining Aether from Nathan's safe.
  • What is the significance of the orange toenails? I must know!

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