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The Vampire Diaries rewatch

Season 4 comes out on streaming tomorrow, so I had the genius idea to spend my unemployment watching the entire series thus far. It's kind of fun now, to see the first season and know what happens in the future, and see that the direction they've taken things isn't as far off as I thought. (spoilers)

Stefan has been a tough one for me to see. Damon pulls focus a lot, as does nearly everyone else. Elena and Katherine are clearly different people, played by the same person. Vamp Elena I'm still trying to see, as well. I hope it gets cleared up with the binge-viewing. It turns out that Stefan has always had a problem with his abstinence, and never been good at moderation. I forgot how much of the earlier seasons are about just that: abstinence vs moderation. Man alive, I love a good fantastical metaphor! They're vampires, in a town of vampires, witches, and werewolves, with superhuman powers, trying to live with a primal need that can harm people if left unchecked. It's nuts, yet it makes so much sense when you watch it.


That said, I'm excited to see Stefan as a Damon-season-1-style-badass in season 5. It should be fun, for Paul Wesley and the rest of us, too.

No matter what happens, I hope we never lose the Damon who says, "If I see something I've never seen before, I'll throw a dollar at it." I frickin' love that guy. I'm still laughing.

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