Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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The Walking Dead 6x16 Reaction Thread and Mycroanalysis

I see dead people
I see dead people

Welcome Odeckers. Let’s discuss the Walking Dead season finale. Will this be a home run? Are the characters safe? Do I have more bat and baseball related puns? Maybe to all of those. So let’s discuss! Spoilers!


Here’s Cool_breeze’s take on it:


Here’s Chick Counterfly’s analysis of the show:


Microanalysis: Much Ado About Negan

  • So that was an episode that could have easily been shorter.
  • I love the creepy ambiance but it was mostly filler.
  • More build-up!
  • Carol, please don’t make me hate you. We were doing great. Don’t go all Carol from the comic on us. Also your scenes on the episode were mostly pointless.
  • Daryl, you are love and probably invincible because of that... you did nothing this season. What you did, you messed up.
  • CARL, CAROL, Stay in the damn house.
  • I will never forgive Negan for “PeePee Town.” I don’t want Dean’s dad saying Peepee town! That makes him hated. More than Lucyling someone without showing.
  • Wait. YOU didn’t show it?!?! Are you fucking kidding me? I mean I understand the show not showing some head getting graphically smashed a to a mush while the actor screams... but not knowing who gets the bat was BULLSHIT!
  • Also, shave, Negan! You are a tacky motherfucker who needs a clean shave and long hair.
  • Show, I like you, and I liked most of the season, but this was BS.
  • Glen, you can act. I love you. Now be a good Glen and die already.

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