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The Walking Dead 8x01 - "Mercy" Stray Observations & Discussion... if you must or want

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Is anybody there? I don’t think so, but let’s do this anyway. I used to put some reaction threads for TWD but nobody on the ODeck seems to be watching, so I reckon I can just put some collected thoughts of the episodes for those interested and in case people want to discuss the show.


Before I watch and based on the trailer and what has been discussed for this season, the show-runners seem to understand that people are kinda burned out and a bit impatient with the Negan storyline, so they’re might be trying to Lostify this thing and tell the story with some flash-forwards.

I must confess that I loved the comics, and I know how the Negan war story ends, so it’s cool to see the aftermath happening as part of the show’s new format. I loved what happened afterwards, and yet... I actually stopped reading the comics shortly after the War ended because I loved where it got but it felt like an ending.


The War storyline was so fucking long! We’ll see how that reflects on the show, but since we’re getting flash-forwards I asume it won’t take more than 8 episodes. And I’m quite Ok with that.

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Let’s dive in... I will be updating this post as I watch:

  • The first scene feels a bit more Iñarritu than Lost.
  • Hey montage/dumb triple speech/Dwight!/notSuckySulkyCarol/SHIVAAAAH
  • Weird Al!!!
  • Carl sounds like an Man now! He has a deeper voice than I have. But someone needs to cut his hair. Hoping for future Carl to get old by haircut.
  • No muslim refugees!
  • Rick is going Arya Stark on the saviors and gaining some yards. We’ll see how that pans out. Dwight made himself useful.
  • Three gay guys on the same scene! I do not like the odds. But what do we say to the God of Gay Tropes? Not today!
  • Jesus’ beard still unrealistically glorious.
  • I mean, does Major Douche actually has any political power left on the people of the HillTop?
  • Well that’s a waste of perfectly good bullets just to make a point. Do you even apocalypse? Ok you were attrackting the horde but still. So. Many. Bullets.
  • OK the stuff from the trailer seems to be mostly from the first episode. I’m impressed.
  • And the group FINALLY learns how to redirect a horde.
  • So Gabriel dies of stupid? God damnit. He’ll die because he gets betrayed by Major Douche, who was left to die because he betrayed everyone. Now he’s stuck with Negan on a dumpster small cabin. Dead or used as leverage confirmed.
  • Carl still goes and feeds the strays. We’ll see how this pans out.
  • #giveCarlAHaircutButNotFutureRicksHaircut

All in all this was a thoroughly entertaining episode. I wonder if people who are not aware of the story are gonna feel invested on those flash-forwards though. So far they don’t seem thoroughly interesting and basically are saying that there’s some sort of happy ending nearing this war.


Intellectually, I guess people understand that was where it was going, but still, it may take away from the suspense to know for sure that Carl, Rick, Michonne and the baby-now-girl are all alive and happy-ish. Still enjoyed the cut of this episode a lot.

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