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The Walking Dead S2 E4: Amid the Ruins

I finished this episode Tuesday and I'm still feeling heart-wrenching sadness and guilt over it. Spoilers for basically the whole damn thing.

The episode starts right where In Harm's Way ends, with Clementine, alone, in the middle of a horde of walkers as she tries to escape Carver's compound. Depending on whether or not you decided to kill the walker or chop off Sarita's arm in the last episode, one of two things will happen.


If you chopped off her arm - Sarita screams, attracting walkers who immediately start feasting on her. Kenny and Mike come along and manage to kill the walkers, but it's obvious it's too late for Sarita. Kenny becomes grief stricken, and starts blaming Clementine for Sarita's death. Mike manages to get Kenny up and they both continue out the horde without Clementine.

If you killed the walker - Kenny and Mike show up and manage to drag a hysterical Sarita out. Clementine ends up getting separated from them.

As Clementine tries to make her way through the horde, Luke and Nick (if he survived in A House Divided) will chase after Sarah, who has become hysterical after her father's death. Nick (again, if alive) will be shot in the shoulder, but they manage to make it into the forest.

Clementine eventually manages to find Rebecca and Jane. After convincing Jane not to leave them behind, the three manage to finally escape the horde and make it into the forest.


The next morning, the three of them are walking towards the meeting place they decided on last episode, a civil war memorial called Parker's Run. Rebecca starts falling behind, saying her pregnancy is is making the long trek too tiring. Jane insists they need to keep moving, but the group decides to take a short break for Rebecca to recover. A conversation begins , with Jane asking what Rebecca "plans to do with" her baby. Rebecca becomes horribly offended at the insinuation. An argument breaks out, with Rebecca yelling at Jane for being a loner and asks her "you've never seen someone you love die before?" Jane then lets slip that she did have a sister, and then storms off. Rebecca and Clementine, feeling guilty, follow her.

Some time later, they reach Parker's Run and find Mike, Bonnie, Kenny and Sarita (if she's still alive) there. Luke, Nick (if alive), and Sarah are no where to be seen. Kenny is off to the side, either wallowing in self-pity if Sarita is dead or trying to console a pale and obviously exhausted Sarita if she's still alive.


Mike and Bonnie say that Kenny gets belligerent towards them if they try to talk to him, and ask Clementine to, since they have history together. This, however, backfires. Kenny is pissed off at Clementine, either blaming her for Sarita's death or the state she's in, saying "Just because you're a little girl, it doesn't mean people won't care if you kill someone!" Clementine backs off and returns to the others.

They try to make a plan, and the situation does not look good. Winter's coming, they have no food, water, or medicine, 3 of their members are missing, and Rebecca's very, very close to having the baby.


Clementine suggests looking for Luke and the others, and Rebecca agrees. Jane volunteers to look for them and asks Clementine to join her.

Along the way, Jane and Clementine debate the merits of being involved with a group vs. being alone. Both make convincing arguments, and Jane gives Clem a warning about the group. "That group is cracking, and you don't want to be there when it breaks". Jane then goes on to discuss a bit of her life from before, and about her sister Jaime.


Eventually they reach the Sunshine Mobile Home Park, which is fenced and the entrance boarded up. Jane decides to teach Clementine more survival skills, just in case. They see some freshly killed walkers and, after making sure they're dead with a screwdriver to the neck, begin to loot them for supplies. Clementine manages to find a few bullets, and Jane a nail file, but nothing else of use. They find another Walker and roll him over to reveal Sarah's broken glasses right before they hear a scream coming from inside the park. Finally finding a clue, they begin walking the perimeter of the Park and come upon a hole in the fence. If Nick was still alive, they will find him, dead and struggling against his impalement on the broken fence. Clementine puts him out of his misery, but it takes three strikes of Clem's hatchet to kill him. Jane remarks that Clementine's Hatchet seems to get stuck very easily and ends up giving her a long screwdriver.

They enter the trailer park, only to find it crawling with walkers trying to get in to one of the trailers. Jane teaches Clem a useful way to kill walkers, by kicking their knees to trip them up and then jabbing the screwdriver into the back of their skulls. They come up with a plan to use one of the walkers to get a nearby car horn to attract the walkers away from the trailer.


Their plan works and they manage to attract the walkers away and get over to the trailer. The door is locked. They wonder what to do when suddenly the car horn stops working and the walkers begin to walk towards them. Jane yells at Clem to get the door open. Clem, somehow, manages to kick the door down and get them both inside. They barricade the door with furniture.

Luke comes out and Clementine will tell him of Nick's death. Luke explains what happened after they got separated, and reveals that Sarah is still in shock over her father's death, refusing to acknowledge the world around her.


As Clementine attempts to talk her out of it, the group realizes that they're surrounded by walkers. To make matters worse, the walkers outside the door have broken through. Jane and Luke see that the skylight is their only way out. Luke, however, is too injured to boost anyone up to it. He and Jane attempt to defend the door to buy Clementine enough time to figure out a way to get out of the skylight. Clementine suggests the furniture used to block the door. Seeing it's their only choice, Jane keeps the door barred while Luke and Clem drag it under the skylight. Jane joins them and locks the door to the room they're in. Jane lifts Nick on to the roof. She tells Clementine to abandon Sarah (who's still in shock) and climb up. Clementine can make the choice to either try and talk Sarah out of it again or to abandon her.

If Sarah is abandoned - Walkers burst in and kill her while the others escape.

If Sarah is talked to again - Clementine will literally slap her out of it and all 4 will escape through the sun roof.


Arriving back at Parker's Run, they discover Rebecca is in severe pain due to her pregnancy. Without Carlos, no one in the group has any experience with child birth. No one except Kenny, who has locked himself in his tent and refuses to come out.

Clementine volunteers and enters Kenny's tent.

If Sarita died at Carver's Compound - Kenny will be sitting alone, gun in hand.

If Sarita did not die at Carver's Compound - Sarita will be shown shot in the head by Kenny to stop her from turning.


Clementine tells Kenny the problem, and, although resentful at first, finally agrees.

As Kenny begins to take care of Rebecca, the rest of the group discuss finding a safe place for her to have the baby, and finding supplies. nearby maps show that there are two places nearby which seem like good candidates: a nearby gift shop with an observation deck and a Civil War museum. The group decides to split up. Mike and Bonnie try to convince Clementine to go with Jane, concerned she may ditch the group. Clem ultimately goes with Jane to the gift shop, while Mike and Bonnie head to the museum, while Luke defends the site.


Upon reaching the building, Clementine finds Jane sitting at a bench and discuss their situation more. Up on the observation deck, they find that the gift shop is a perfect place for Rebecca to have the baby, but it's locked with a padlock. As Jane attempts to pick it, Clementine looks out from the observation deck and spots a human with a limp walking towards the deck.

They hide as the guy comes up and attempts to fit a duffel bag in to a garbage bin. Clementine distracts him and Jane manages to sneak up behind him. Checking the duffel bag, Clem finds it full of medicine and drugs. The guy, called Arvo, tells them in broken English that it is medicine for his sick sister (and the guy is obviously lying because he was trying to ditch the bag) . Clementine can then decide to take the medicine or give it back to Arvo.


After making the choice, Jane threatens Arvo to never return and he leaves. Jane tells Clem to go back and get the others. On the way out, Clem runs in to Luke, who goes up to see if he can help Jane.

Upon returning, Clementine can see that Rebecca is in a lot of pain, and that the baby is coming sooner rather than later. If Clementine kept Arvo's drugs, she can give Rebecca medicine to help her pain. Kenny will remark that Mike and Bonnie have been gone a long time and Clementine agrees to go look for them.


At the museum, Bonnie and Mike are disparaged at their lack of success in finding supplies, and ask for 10 more minutes to search. Clem helps them and ends up finding an old confederate coat. After they try to get in to a locked room that they see has a jug of water in it. Clem can either try to climb under the security shutter or Mike can try to break the door down.

Inside, there's a walker that the group dispatches quickly enough. Mike grabs the water and the group heads back to Parker's Run.


Back at the memorial, all hell breaks loose as Rebecca's screams have attracted a ton of walkers to the site. As Kenny tries to slow the walkers, Clementine gets the rest of the group up to the gift shop, with Kenny joining up soon after.

As they get there, Clem finds Luke and Jane just finished having ... um... relations. Kenny snaps at Luke, since instead of defending the camp like he was supposed to be, he was there with Jane. They get Rebecca inside and she starts having the baby.


The walkers start getting up to the observation deck. The group notices the lock on the gate to the deck isn't going to hold and try to fight back as best they can. Clementine and Luke try to wheel over an old cannon to block the door, but the fdeck collapses under the weight and part of the deck falls from under their feet. Jane and Sarah end up falling as well. Jane is caught by Luke, but Sarah (if still alive) is trapped under the debris from the deck. Clementine can decide to help pull Jane up or try to rescue Sarah.

If Clem decides to pull Jane up - Jane manages to get back up on to the deck, but Sarah is devoured by walkers, the whole time screaming for Clementine to rescue her.


If you try to save Sarah - Jane will jump down and try to lift the debris off her. She's hit by a falling plank and is dazed. by the time she recovers, Sarah is already being devoured. Jane manages to get back up on the deck.

The walkers begin using the debris to continue to climb on to the Deck. Clementine decides they need to collapse the rest of the deck and uses her hatchet to sever the cable holding it up, causing the rest of the deck to fall on to the walkers.


The group quickly returns to Rebecca and Kenny, only to find Kenny holding a still, seemingly lifeless baby in his hands. Just as hope is lost, though, the baby coughs and begins to scream. The group prepare for the night in the gift shop.

Before going to sleep, Kenny and Luke argue over when they should leave for the nearby town to look for supplies. Kenny wants to leave in the morning, stating that they are out of supplies and they can't stay. Luke says that Rebecca and the baby are in no state to travel and to wait a few days. The decision is ultimately up to Clementine.


Afterwords, Clem sees Jane sneaking out and follows her. Jane tells Clem she's leaving and gives her some final advice on survival and offers Clem the nail file she found earlier, which Clem can either accept or refuse.

After Jane leaves, Luke comes around and is distressed to learn Jane up and left without any word to him.


Whenever the group decides to leave, they head towards the town across the river. It has begun to snow and Rebecca is visibly weak and almost collapses, forcing the group to stop for a rest. As Kenny and Luke continue to Argue, the group spots Arvo coming towards them. When he's near them, 3 other survives come out of the woods, surrounding the group, putting them at gunpoint. Arvo asks where Jane is, and believes it to be a trap when Clementine says she doesn't know. As tempers flare, Clementine notices Rebecca slumped over, and starting to turn, having died some time earlier still holding the baby. Clem can decide to shoot her or yell for help.

If Clem shoots her - both groups are spooked and the episode ends with gunfire while the screen fades to black.


If Clem yells for help - Kenny will notice and shoot Rebecca, spooking both groups and the episode ends with gunfire while the screen fades to black.

So, to reiterate, we lost 4 members of the group this episode; Sarita, Nick, Sarah, and Rebecca, while another member, Jane, up and abandoned the group. And the episode ends in a hail of gunfire that you can be damn sure takes out at least one more person.


Random Thoughts

I do find it kind of hilarious that Kenny is arguing with Luke over control of the group just as he used to do with Lee. Sarita was right, Kenny really hasn't changed from the man we knew him as in season 1, despite what we saw in episode 2. He's just lost so much more, now.


I remember in episode 1 I hated Rebecca. I just hated everything about her. But somehow she's grown on me enough that I'm actually really sad to see her go.

Nick reminds me so much of Ben from season 1. The screw-up who you just know is gonna end up doing something to make up for it all, but it just never happened. After everything, I can't say I'm happy about his death, but I'm not too torn up about it either.


What was the deal with Arvo and the drugs? They weren't for his sick sister, that's for sure. Maybe it's like Ben's deal in Long Road Ahead and he was using the drugs as protection money?

I can't wait until they get episode 5 out. I can't wait to see how this story ends. I am afraid it'll end with Clementine's death, but dear god I hope not.

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