Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So just a few quick spoiler-free comments to whet the appetites (hee hee) for those yet to see it:

* Carol gets one of the best lines of the episode, talking to Rick.

* Abraham gets the second best line by a campfire.

* Eugene just gets a great scene with great dialogue talking with ________

* 'A lot of people being bad-asses' moments

* Carol can really lie like a rug.

* Does somebody die? Whatever supposed spoilers you've heard, they're probably wrong.


* Most interesting use of a Brian Wilson ballad I've ever seen in a show.

* Surprise guests in unexpected places!

* Oh, Father Gabriel *shakes head*

* Everybody from the group gets screen time, finally.

* The episode is Carl-lite. That's not bad, but his one scene is important.

That's all I'll say. Go watch the full 90 minutes and enjoy. It was damned good!

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