*Furiously writing in an Avengers notebook* Why do I always waait until the last minute?! C'mon, Juggler! *Looks up* Oh, hello! Welcome to today's WendesdayBookClub! As usual, I'm your host Geesejuggler and I'm a crazy person playing on doing NaNo while finishing the edits of another story and doesn't have her own computer to work on it! YAY!! But enough about me, let's talk about books!

So despite the aforementioned writing, I'm reading Twelfth Night since my story is inspired by it and Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. I read it a few years ago but a friend recommended the series to me so I'm giving it a reread. I'm still about 5 book ahead of my reading goal so I can afford to slow down a bit.

What about you all? What are you reading this week?