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The Wicked + The Divine Optioned for TV

Deadline is reporting that Kieron Gillen’s and Jamie McKelvie’s comic book The Wicked + The Divine has been optioned for television by Universal TV, to be produced by Milkfed Criminal Masterminds, the company owned by Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick.


Let’s just get this out of the way: this is awesome. If any show deserves a television adaptation, it’s The Wicked + The Divine. It’s high concept, fascinating characters, intriguing mysteries, and relevant themes (pop culture as mythology! celebrities as gods!). I hope that the show is super awesome and they get great writers and great actors.

For those who haven’t read The Wicked + The Divine — get thee to a comic book store and buy the first volume, The Faust Act! But if you want to know what it’s about:

Every 90 years, the gods of the Pantheon are reincarnated. They become famous and then, two years later, they die. This is called the Recurrence.

In 2014, it’s happened again. Laura, a fan of the goddess Ameratsu, finds herself in backstage at one of her concerts and meets Lucifer (or Luci), God of Lies, who turns out to be pretty cool.

And then someone attacks. And all Hell breaks loose.

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