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The winners of Blue Peter's 'Design a Sonic Device' contest are glorious

Earlier today Children's BBC announced the three winners of a Doctor Who themed viewer competition to design three sonic tools for Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint and Strax - aka The Paternoster Gang - to use in an upcoming episode of Doctor Who. And the winning designs are actually pretty amazing!

Announced back in October, the latest in a long line of collaborations between Blue Peter and the Doctor Who production team saw over three thousand entries submitted from viewers between the ages of six and 15, which were finally whittled down to three winning designs - one for each member of the Paternoster Gang - chosen by a panel of judges including Steven Moffat and Doctor Who's current production designer, Michael Pickwoad.


Here's the first, a Sonic Hat Pin for Madame Vastra, designed by 7-year-old Amber of Kent:

Much love for the Dinosaur feather - evocative of Vastra's Silurian heritage? - as well as the fact that this stylish accessory is not only at home in one of the Great Detective's many fabulous pieces of Victorian headgear, but it also doubles as a remote control for her carriage, and as a Sonic Sword! Fancy stuff.

Next up is a design from 13-year-old Connor, from Somerset, who designed this rather intricate Sonic Gauntlet for Jenny:


Look at this bit of Steampunk goodness! There's a lockpick, befitting Jenny's reputation as the sneakiest of the group, a radiation detector, and a receiver dish thrown in for good measure. And of course, lots of cogs. Can't have a bit of steampunk without cogs!

Finally is a tool for Strax by 11-year-old Arthur from Kent, and quite possibly my favourite: A Sonic Lorgnette.


What kind of 11 year old knows what a Lorgnette is!? The best kind.


Strax's Lorgnette - that's a pair of spectacles with a handle, to us uneducated non-11-year-olds - doubles up as a medical scanner, harkening back to his time as a field medic in the Sontaran army. Not only is it a cool bit of tech, but there's also the hilarity of someone as clumsily bulky as Strax wielding a very dainty pair of spectacles about, which already sounds great.

The winners will now get the chance to see their designs replicated by Doctor Who's design team in Cardiff for an episode of Peter Capaldi's first series as The Doctor next year, as well as a trip down to Roath Lock to see their devices being used in filming.


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